Ferdinand: Manchester United’s new aid can score an assist, partner B Fei is picturesque

Van der Beek’s strength is praised by Ferdinand

Manchester United spent £40 million to introduce Van der Beek. Manchester United star Ferdinand praised him. He believes that Manchester United will have this talent and the midfield will be stronger.

Ferdinand said: “Van der Beek joined Manchester United and put on a red robe. What can he bring to this team? He can score goals, assists, and reach the penalty area. He has good professional ethics and orders. An incredible player. He is an Ajax player and knows how to play good football.”

   “My old partner Van der Sar is very unhappy that Van der Beck left Ajax. He has a crying emoji on social media. He knows Van der Beck’s ability and his level.”

“You can imagine Van der Beck’s partner B Fee. In the past three seasons, Van der Beck has scored 40 goals and assisted 29 times. Only De Bruyne has more midfielders than him. This is simply amazing. Unbelievable, Van der Beek is one of the best players in the world.”

   (small nine)


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